We are Med-Lift. We strive to provide
the finest quality lift chairs and Leisure beds.

Through the years, we have continued to stay focused on this goal...

by building our products with materials that far exceed anything else used by our competition. From the kiln dried hardwoods used to manufacture our lift chair frames, to the uni-construction seat back assembly, we start all of our products with the strongest foundation

and finish them with materials for maximum comfort, including top-of-the-line fabrics, & plush, industry-leading components.Finally, we support each product with a warranty and customer service department unmatched by any other lift chair company.

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1Explain the difference in full leather and leather match.

Some manufacturers mislead consumers by claiming to sell a leather chair. A chair that is full leather, is completely covered with leather. A leather match chair has leather anywhere the body touches, but the remaining parts are covered by a vinyl that matches the leather. The leather match chairs are at a much lower price than the full leather.

2What makes the Med-Lift chair frame so strong?
Med-Lift uses uses solid Oak for their frames. Every joint is glued and stapled. Our seat and back frame is a one-piece C&C Routed design. Our Uni-Contruction seat/back assembly is the strongest available in any lift chair. Our frame was recently tested by the independent furniture testing division at Mississippi State University and declared "unbreakable" by all their testing standards. This new Uni-Construction is like none other in the industry.
3How long should I expect my new Med-Lift chair to last?

We receive correspondence from customers regularly, letting us know how happy they've been with their Med-Lift lift chair. Most of these are from customers who have had their chairs for more than five years, some even as far back as 1990, when we started in business.

To answer the question, with proper care, your Med-Lift product is designed to give years of service, even far past the warranty period.

4What is the difference between AC & DC Motors?

For many years all lift chairs used AC motors, which were 120 Volt motors, with 120 volt hand contorls, now a large number of lift chairs have the DC motor(low Volt) where the chair is plugged in to a 120 volt power outlet, there is a transformer between the plug and the motor which reduces the voltage in the chair to 24 volts. There is a difference of opinions as to which motor is stronger or lasts longer. From our experience, there is no noticeable difference. The main difference is the DC(low volt) is much quiter.